A Message to the Sponsors


Our school’s catchment area is largely the adjacent Nyalenda slums where the lving population is not economically well-endowed. Subsequently, we are faced with numerous cases of drop-out rates due to lack of school fees. Some of our female students drop out to het married due to the harsh economic situation in their families.


            Moreover, all of us are feeling the vigorous of emerging issues, especially the HIV/AIDS scourge which has left behind a trail of orphans and semi-orphans. These vulnerable groups are faced with chronic fee problem leading to unavoidable truancy.


            We appeal to willing individuals and organizations to help us assist these students access quality education through fee payment and acquisition of other academic and non-academic materials that will enhance their academic performance

Form Two Blue 2010


Form two Blue is a boys class of 38 students who are academically focused. The class led in all the school exams the whole of the year 2010 …

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